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Rescue The Children - Construction Renovation Project

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How to help:

• Tell friends and colleagues about the Rescue The Children project!

• Donate online at their website (click here to open a new window).

• Mail your check payable to: Fresno Rescue Mission, P.O. Box 1422, Fresno, CA 93716-1422. Write “Rescue the Children" in the memo field.

Questions? For Rescue The Children, please call Janet Steinhauer, Community Involvement Team Coordinator, at (559) 268-0839, Ext. 204 or e-mail jsteinhauer@fresnorescuemission.org.

Visit their website (new window): www.fresnorescuemission.org



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Featured Project

Rescue The Children - Construction Renovation Project
The Fresno Rescue Mission is moving ahead with its plans to create a new community that will provide long-term assistance for mothers with children. Their goal is to not only help children who may have otherwise ended up in foster care, but also develop new opportunities to expand their current programs.

F.A.C.T. is proud to be involved by helping this worthwhile project come to life. We sent our camera crew out to tour the site for you, to give you a quick glimpse into the great things in the works. We hope this will inspire you, and encourage you to find out more... and who knows, you may just find you'd like to join us in creating this special place designed to help so many children and families in our community.

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Program Highlights - Rescue The Children

• The County will be able to refer mothers with children before it becomes necessary for the children to be taken away because of an abusive situation (oftentimes it is a boyfriend that is the abuser, and the woman needs a safe way out).

• Some of the families who use their 30-day Emergency Family Shelter need more than a short stay affords. Women with children will be able to participate in their new programs, giving them a much better opportunity to gain the skills they need to succeed.

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• Men who are part of their 18-month Academy recovery program live at the Fresno Rescue Mission full-time for one year and their goal is to gain the skills they need in order to move forward once they graduate. They do not have a job, and their families are left to fend for themselves while the men get their lives together. The new Rescue The Children community will give some of these women and children the support, training and respite they need to not only survive, but to thrive. The women and children receive much of the same training as the men, so once the men are able to reunite with their families, the family has a much better chance of moving forward together.

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• Women who were previously incarcerated and are now in their Samaritan Women Program oftentimes have children that are either with a relative or in foster care. Sometimes they are unable to get their children back because there is no safe place for them to reunite. This new community will give their Samaritan Women a structured, controlled location to reunite with their children.

• As an added benefit, the Fresno Rescue Mission will be in a position to expand services to men in their recovery programs and homeless men who use their overnight shelter, once women and children are moved to a separate, secure location.

Site plan
Image courtesy Darden Architects

Rescue the Children will be located on Parkway Drive, off Highway 99 between Clinton and McKinley in Fresno. The community will include Rescue the Children, Samaritan Women and the Emergency Family Shelter.